Triphala Uses

Triphala is greatly considered as one of the most significant medicines Ayurveda has ever provided to the world. Below are the uses for which Triphala is today globally acclaimed:-

(i) Digestive Problems

All the 3 constituent of the Triphala have laxative actions. Triphala can kindle the mucosal lining of the gastric and the intestinal tract, and hence help in digestion. Triphala is given to people having constipation. By regular use of Triphala for a few days, the toxins inside the intestines are flushed out. Triphala is also given for regulating the functioning of the stomach and the colon. Triphala is given as an essential medicine for the elderly who are accustomed to have more digestive abnormalities than the younger counterparts. This is mainly because Triphala is non addictive drug, and it has no known side-effects even after extended use.

(ii) Flatulence

Triphala is given to people who have excess acidity in their stomachs. A usual use of the Triphala helps to dissolve all the toxic acids in the stomach. This helps in the handling of flatulence.

(iii) Gout

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Triphala is used in the curing of gout or vata rakta and other joint problems. Gout or vata rakta is fashioned when surplus uric acid deposits in the joints. This is removed by Triphala, which gets it debarred through urination. Therefore, the circumstances of gout or vata rakta are brought to a least.

(iv) Liver Disorders

Triphala helps in the good functioning of the liver and the pancreas. It controls the bile duct and treats lethargy ness of the liver. Triphala is a hold up to the liver in performing most of its physiological functions. It is a universal medicine prescribed to patients of hepatitis.

(v) Nervous Disorders

Triphala is given in nervous problems like the Alzheimer’s due to its sheet or cooling and toning properties. It can mend the degenerated nerves and bring the nervous system back to a normal state of performance.

(vi) Obesity

Amla is particularly known to break up the fatty accumulation in the body. Thus, Triphala can decrease the surplus weight in obese people. In addition, regular use of the Triphala can also cure several of the impediments of obesity. Since Triphala can soften the serum cholesterol, it reduces the chances of cardiovascular problems. The acrid and tickta or bitter components of Triphala are also good in the treatment and control of DM or diabetes, to which obese people are much prone.

(vii) Ocular Problems

Triphala has valuable effects in the treatment of eye ailments like conjunctivitis and visual problems like cataract and glaucoma. On a lighter note, Triphala is given to treat eye problems such as fatigue, redness and soreness of the eyes. It is used as eyewash in these cases also.